Curriculum Vitae

Kenneth L. Bolton

BScientific, LLC


I enjoy writing and deploying software, designing databases, natural language processing, big data, machine learning, designing and consuming APIs, scrum, sprints, code reviews, milestones, tickets, and finishing projects.



  • Core Development Team Member
    • Mezzanine CMS & Cartridge
    • May 2015–Present, contributor since 2010
      • Support the Mezzanine developer community through the mailing list and the IRC channel.
      • Contribute source code changes to enhance Mezzanine's status as a first-class content management system.
  • Lead Engineer
    • KYCSystems, LLC
    • August 2013–Present
      • Responsible for all product engineering, networking, planning, deployment, and maintenance.
      • Natural language processing, machine learning, and big data.
      • Web indexing and crawling.
  • Independent Software Engineer
  • Educational Technologist II
    • Columbia University Center for New Media Teaching and Learning, New York, NY
    • February–December 2007
      • Supported the purposeful use of technology in education for the Columbia University Medical Center College of Physicians & Surgeons and School of Nursing.
      • Worked with design and development team to develop and enhance technologies to support teaching and learning.
      • Supported faculty use of in-house course management system, CourseWorks, and pilot use of Sakai.
  • Media Cloisters Curator, Academic Computing Consultant
    • Vassar College, Poughkeepsie, NY
    • June 2003–January 2007
      • Managed high-use public multimedia production lab and staff of 20 student workers
      • Provided software development and technology support for faculty.
      • Coordinated presentations and discussions on issues in technology, teaching, and media.
      • Managed pilot of course management systems Moodle and Sakai. Moodle was adopted.
      • Supported faculty and student use of BlackBoard course management system.

Publications & Presentations


  • Vassar College, Poughkeepsie, NY
    • Artium Baccalaureus conferred May 1998. Program in Science, Technology, and Society
  • Cusanus Gymnasium, Erkelenz, NRW, Federal Republic of Germany
    • Received Congress-Bundestag Scholarship

Key Skills

  • Leading Software Development
  • Knowledge: Machine learning, natural language processing, search, e-commerce, log shipping.
  • Programming: Python, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Less
  • Systems: GNU/Linux, BSD (Open, Free, Mac OSX), Windows
  • PaaS/IaaS: AWS, Heroku, RackSpace Cloud, Joyent
  • CMS: Mezzanine/Cartridge, Plone, Drupal, Wordpress
  • Frameworks: Django, Meteor, node.js, JQuery, Zope
  • Web Servers: Nginx, Apache, Lighttpd, Cherokee
  • RDBMS: PostgreSQL, WebSQL, MySQL, SQLite
  • NoSQL: MongoDB, Redis, PostgreSQL HStore
  • Messaging: RabbitMQ, ZeroMQ
  • Analytics: Google Analytics, AWStats, SiteCatalyst, raw log files
  • Process: vim, git, Trac, Jira, svn, Eclipse, hg, UML